Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh rug, where art thou?

Still on the thought of rugs and continuing to not want to dive into my inner feng shui, I decided to do some research on what's out there. Typically, a rug can serve three main purposes:

  1. wiping your feet
  2. protect wood flooring
  3. add some texture to a room

In my opinion, the most important purpose of a rug however, is to add some pattern. If you're going to fork over the big bucks, pick something that can breathe a little life into a room. The trick is to pick a rug that doesn't overpower a room but adds a little special... something. Here are some great options from the land o' Target (AKA the store within my price range). For the record, I think it's important to purchase a new rug because you should always want to walk in your own footsteps.

Side note: I went to Ikea today and was sincerely unimpressed. Usually a fan of their patterns and textiles, I feel as though I've seen everything before. If and when they do get some new textiles that are versatile enough, I will go back again. But rest assured, I will definitely check out the website before making that kind of venture again. In my opinion, Target is by far the winner in terms of price and diversity.

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