Monday, June 28, 2010

Feng shui me a new living room.

After a wonderful long weekend back in Cleveland (congrats Erin and Tony!), I'm back in my messy and, not to mention, extremely steamy apartment. Since the return, I've managed to cool off the place but have not even attempted to clean. Instead, I opened up a book, feng shui your life by Jayme Barrett, in hopes to not only tidy up the place but potentially start July off with a new attitude. So far, I am liking this approach to feng shui way more than others because it focuses more on how to apply a variety of techniques to your personal style rather than sticking solely to the traditional Chinese cures (which is definitely not my style - no offense). I'm not very far into it but figured I could tie in my living room makeover with some feng shui tactics to create a wonderful masterpiece (A.D.D. much?). 

One of the main things the author is reviewing now is how each and every piece in your home should give off positive energy. The energy is supposedly based on the time and place you purchased the piece, where you were in your life (good path vs. rough patch) and the general feeling you receive from the piece. If you have an antique, the piece often times takes on its previous owner's energy and can bring that into your home as well. Admittedly not a very spiritual or generally deep person, I am a little confused about how to figure this out. But, what I like about this book is that it accounts for a personal feng shui in which your opinions are allowed to shine through. It encourages you to only keep those objects that bring joy, love and happiness.

So, I am going through my living room and removing (meaning, moving into my "craft nook" until I get to chapter 3 that explains how to purify objects). Here are some things that didn't make the cut:

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