Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Spotlight: object bis

I have been working on a solution for the mess-I-call-my-craft-area for quite some time now. Please note, Exhibit A:

On top of the mess shown above, I have collected a giant basket of fabric swatches, a plastic 3-drawer bin of more craft stuff, a new printer, a chair I found while dumpster diving and a ton of shoe boxes from old shoes I've donated. I want to organize by type of craft and material.  So... I have been trying to find an old dresser to convert into an organizer but am having absolutely no luck with it.

While looking for other options (since clearly I need a Plan B), I came across this amazing blog, object bis, that offers fantastic ways to reuse old furniture and home accessories along with other information pertaining to sustainability. Please note, Exhibits B-E:

Thank you Google Translate and thank you object bis!

reusing freight pallets (may 2010)

using branches (october 2009)

reusing wine boxes (august 2009)

using old drawers (june 2008)

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