Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plates aren't just for eating anymore.

My definition of cooking is purchasing take out or something frozen and then heating it up. For some reason, I've never found the joy in cooking and am honestly exceptionally bad at it. I do however, love the fun patterns and colors of tableware and think they are a fantastic alternative option to artwork. Tableware can be extremely inexpensive for purchase, especially when going for that chic, eclectic look that really treats the wall hangings as a composition rather than another way to store some dishes. Aside from hanging extremely breakable objects on a wall, take another risk and hang somewhere other than the kitchen. The most interesting plates I've found are at the thrift stores and sometimes you can purchase a set for $1.00. Just purchase some plate hangers at your local hardware shop, and design away.

Note: this is one of those projects that may require a sketch and some planning before hanging. Some beautiful examples that prove this point.

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