Thursday, June 12, 2014

2/100 days of sunshine: garden inspired living room decor.

While parking at work today, this fence and overgrown greenery caught my eye. I love the horizontal planking with muted coloring and defined wood grain. The bright greenery adds a fresh and vibrant contrast which is what I tried to do with the bold, graphic pillows in this living room idea. Balancing the chunky wood coffee table with metal and bamboo components keeps the space looking airy and whimsical. I also added a textured lamp to create visual interest without drawing too much attention away from the planked coffee table centerpiece. 

This living room design makes me want to kick back, relax and pour a cup of Earl Grey. Or gossip with my girlfriends over a few Pimm's. DELISH!

tip: Don't stress about pillows matching exactly. Find a few colors in common, a similar subject (in this case birds) and they'll compliment without being identical. 

BONUS: These pillows also happen to be reversible so flip them over when you need a change.


  1. is the table lamp from interior deluxe? I think a friend of mine has the same...

  2. Wonderful post. I love the color and who does not love these fabulous garden theme!

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  4. One of the key elements of any garden is plenty of green, and often in multiple hues. Some people are shy about implementing this color as different shades of green seem to go in and out of style.

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