Monday, June 16, 2014

4/100: a casual summer outfit idea fit for a ballgame.

Nothing says "it's summer" like going to a ballgame. Peanuts, beer in a plastic cup, boys in tight pants... it all works for me. As long as I'm appropriately dressed:
  • Loose tops. Remember you'll be sitting on plastic fold out seats for majority of the game so think ahead and avoid the sweat marks.
  • Hair up. Nothing ruins a mood like heat rash from your hair being down.
  • Polarized sunglasses. That ball is tiny from far away!
  • Don't wear white shoes. Someone will step on your shoe at some point in time no matter how careful you are. Trust me.
  • Do not wear a dress. For no other reason than you'll look like an amateur.

tip: Always think about your tan lines. Slather on the SPF and choose a tank with thinner straps so you can keep wearing your summer clothes without having to worry about hiding horrible tan lines.

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