Monday, June 16, 2014

4/100: a casual summer outfit idea fit for a ballgame.

Nothing says "it's summer" like going to a ballgame. Peanuts, beer in a plastic cup, boys in tight pants... it all works for me. As long as I'm appropriately dressed:
  • Loose tops. Remember you'll be sitting on plastic fold out seats for majority of the game so think ahead and avoid the sweat marks.
  • Hair up. Nothing ruins a mood like heat rash from your hair being down.
  • Polarized sunglasses. That ball is tiny from far away!
  • Don't wear white shoes. Someone will step on your shoe at some point in time no matter how careful you are. Trust me.
  • Do not wear a dress. For no other reason than you'll look like an amateur.

tip: Always think about your tan lines. Slather on the SPF and choose a tank with thinner straps so you can keep wearing your summer clothes without having to worry about hiding horrible tan lines.


  1. Really like this tank!

  2. If I go to a baseball game this summer, I'll definitely wear one one of these outfits, maybe the first or the second. Other nice summer activity I'd like to see in your posts is back-to-school shopping. I love shopping, but I don't find the perfect outfit for that activity.
    Nice post!