Wednesday, October 26, 2011

workspace layout and artwork.

As mentioned in a previous post, the next step in my workspace revamp was to "try on" both options. I was moving, dragging, pulling and pushing. Good thing I bailed on working out after work.

First up, the good on paper option.

Looks like a decent option right? Let's check it out real-life. 

Mind you, no matter what layout I try on, the space is still going to look ugly because it's not accessorized properly. But aside from the accessories, this layout still isn't working for me for a couple of reasons:
  • the hutch ends up looking crammed in the corner
  • the furniture still looks like it's there to fill space
  • the sewing machine now looks like a place for timeout 

Second, the alleyway option. 

This one looked kind of meh. But after taking a look at the real deal, it started growing on me. 

I like the long row of working space and the opportunity for hanging an awesome photo/inspiration wall that will end up adding height and visual interest. The hutch completely blocks the side of the fridge and makes the space feel much warmer and less forced. I'd like to get some different seating as these rattan cubes are currently my coffee table and paint them and the legs of the desk all different - but complimentary - colors. 

A couple of things that are still driving me nuts:

I mean, what is this? In the corner of the room for what I think used to hold a home phone, I wish I could grab a sledge hammer and remove it. 

This is the only outlet in the space and it happens to be in the middle of the main wall. I need to keep my router, printer and sewing machine all plugged into there so I needed to come up with some kind of solution. So I tried my new desk organizer

Well that looks a little awkward all IN THE MIDDLE of the desk . So, imagining a bunch of other pictures hung on the wall, I tried leaning a canvas up against the wall to cover. And success! While I'm way, way, WAY over the chevron, I think the canvas lean seems much more natural and takes up much less desk space. Plus, I just so happen to have plenty of options on hand. 

So what's the whole wall display going to end up looking like? Here are some options I pulled from pinterest to help decide. 

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