Friday, October 14, 2011

layers of cardigans.

Ok first of all, this polyvore thing is ridiculous. You can put outfits OR ROOMS together based on photos you import or find around the web. It's a great, low risk way to try out an idea you have in your head but are still a little unsure about it's potential.

Second of all, like most ladies, I like to shop. A lot. And with this whole budget business I've got going on, my "disposable" income is teeny tiny along with my chance to go on a shopping spree. So when my parents offered up a shopping trip for my birthday, I took full advantage. On top of the spree, I received some bonus cash from my Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Mark. Yes, I know I'm spoiled and I'm totally ok with that. Definitely no starving artist card being played over here.

Knowing that this would likely be my one and only shot at getting new clothes until Christmas, I knew I had to choose things that were flexible, accessible and timeless. Enter the cardigan. As mentioned in this post, I love me some good cardigans. They're easy to layer, can add some color and can be dressed up or down depending on the occassion.

Referencing my mental images of my closet, I knew I had plenty of neutral cardigans but could definitely use some in brighter colors and patterns.

[from top to bottom: ann taylor loft, forever21, hm]

P.S. I know all these photos are crappy and the clothes wrinkled. I took these quickly before work this morning - towel wrapped around my head, two different shoes on and all.

Since I already had a mustard 3/4 sleeve verson (which I LOVE), I opted for a more unexpected color to add to the collection. This rich coral color goes perfect with cords, jeans and a thermal or even my nude voile dress and tights.

For some reason I was really feeling the ski lodge vibe when choosing the other two cardigans during the spree. They both are thick, textured and screamed sit-by-the-fire-and-drink-spiked-hot-chocolate. I love how the beige one has shorter sleeves for layering while the other has electric blue accents within the all-over pattern. Both make me want to bust out some preppy accents like striped collared shirts or oxfords and paint my nails OPI's You Don't Know Jacques.

[top to bottom: forever21, old navy]

Because of the long length, you can also wear these with leggings, colored socks and wedged boots. Add a knit hat, a parka and you're ready for some winter festivities.

[via polyvore]

Can't wait to start including them in my wardrobe rotation!

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